A unique membership filled with guidance from the Cosmos

Designed to enhance your ability to create authentic and inspired content, as well as enjoyable offers.  Ones that will connect with and support your soul clients.

stay in your magic!

You are magical...
And your people need you!

What I hear time and time again from heart centered entrepreneurs like you is that they just want to be doing their work in the world.

  • But no matter how well you follow the 'trusted' gimmicks that marketing 'gurus' impose on us, you just can't get a lot of clients.  
  • And it takes so much energy to follow the 'tried and proven' marketing methods that you don't have a lot of your brilliance left to support the clients you do have. 
  • You feel out of alignment with who you are and how you want to operate your life and your business. Totally lost - you know you need to market yourself and make offers, but you just can't get it 'right'. 

I promise you - there's ANOTHER way! YOUR way. 

Let me show you how to tap into that inner wisdom AND connect with more soul clients.

What's the secret to authentic marketing?  Aligned offers?  AND a nourished and happy you?

Where do you find the right tactics for you that actually get results?
How do you create content that connects and not feel like you are on a hamster wheel?
And where do you get the support and community you need to be understood and celebrated?

Allow me to share with you the answer... 

Heart Powered Results

Biz Alchemy Lab

This one of a kind membership combines the guidance, tools, community, and support, heart powered entrepreneurs like you need to thrive in this crazy, but rewarding world of transforming lives. 

Lisa shares her thoughts about the Lab

"Sheri comes from a really authentic place of each person honoring their own way of being in the world..."

Lisa Kinolau Alamar

Powerful - practical - Actionable guidance

Imagine a future where...

You are no longer feeling overwhelmed with a never ending list of things to do and you are spending more time DOING what you love - helping clients.
You are nurturing and trusting your inner wisdom. 
You are your own guru and it's magical!
Connecting with potential soul clients is something you ENJOY!   You know just what they needed to hear and what kinds of offers they love and respond to.
You have a place to ask questions, get guidance, and be seen.
You are connecting with like minded heart centered entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey.

"Sheri has been brilliant at just really getting in there and creating a flow with her guidebooks that leads us into a relevancy with how these transits can play out for us.  As well as how to leverage them and really use them in the most beneficial way."

Dewi Maile Lim

Dewi shares how the Lab content supports her

What is the Biz Alchemy Lab?

First let's define Alchemy:  A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

And Alchemist:  Someone who transforms things for the better (that's you by the way!)

And the Biz Alchemy Lab?  

All the things you need to stay in the energy of possible.  

Stay out of overwhelm.  

And continue to create magic with your current and future soul clients.


The most important connection you have is the one with you!  There is not one way to market -- just YOUR way.  The Lab is here to support you in activating and nurturing that connection so that you can feel good about how you are marketing and showing up in your business.

Cosmic Guidance

The 2nd most powerful guidance system (after your own inner GPS) we have available to us is the Cosmos.  Leaning into the wisdom and cycles it has will provide the inspiration and tools to create, refine, and guide your offers, content creation and timing.

Community Support

Being an entrepreneur, and one who likely does work that might be outside of the "mainstream", can leave you feeling lonely and misunderstood.  One of the most powerful aspects of the Lab is having a community of like minded folks who see & support you!

Here is what's included

The Alchemy Lab provides regular up to date content via guidebooks, meditations, live workshops, and Q&A sessions.  We work with the energies of the Cosmos and follow the astrological cycles to create a powerful container to alchemize your business and support you in being the Alchemist (someone who transforms things for the better) that you are!

Live Q&A +
Intuitive Support

✦  Each cycle between the New & Full Moon when the energy is of ACTION is strong, we will look at what is forming with this cycle and discuss the energy and how to use it to support you and your clients as well as guide your marketing and planning. 

✦  We will meet LIVE and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and tap into my intuitive abilities to get the clarity you need!

Cosmos Energy Report

✦  Overview of this month's theme with recommended content topics to better connect with your soul clients.  Plus a preview of the upcoming 1-2 cycle themes so you can be planning forward.

✦  Learn what desires, state of mind, and type of actions your potential soul clients are likely to be experiencing during this cycle.  This is like getting into your client's head and heart.  PURE GOLD!

✦ Discover what's coming "in the stars" BEFORE it occurs so you can manage your energy and make informed decisions for yourself and your business.

Live Workshop Each Cycle

✦  Each cycle between the Full Moon and the next New Moon when the energy is winding down, we will meet LIVE to cover an Astrology or Business aspect that will support YOU and your business in the future.  

 ✦  We will also review the next cycle's upcoming theme that you can use to guide your content creation and support your clients.

New Moon Activation

✦  At the beginning of each cycle we will use the New Moon energy to take a pause, name and claim your deepest desires, reset your intentions, and reconnect with how you want to Feel – Be – Experience your life and business.   

✦   You will receive a guided activation journey recording to assist you in setting powerful intentions for the cycle.

✦  Journal prompts provided to assist with the exploration. 

Full Moon Activation

✦   As the Full Moon perfects, we will use this opportunity to shine a light on what might need to be released or revisited.  

   ✦   You will receive an activation meditation to assist in guiding you and uncovering what does not serve and reset your intentions for the balance of the cycle.

  ✦  Journal prompts will be provided to assist with the exploration.

Resource Library

✦  This ever growing library of basic astrology knowledge and training, as well as practical business guidance is at your fingertips to support you in navigating anything the stars or your business throws your way!

✦  Don't see something you need?  Just ask!  Sheri likely has a resource and if not she will know who to guide you to.

"Even if it were 10x more expensive it would still be massively valuable."

Michaela Bosquet Lambert

Michaela shares why this membership is head and shoulders above the rest! 

My most asked questions...

I don't know much (or anything) about astrology will this still work for me?

YES absolutely!  We use astrology as a lens to support taking those pause, asking questions and getting curious so we can move our business and life forward in an aligned way.  We will not be deep diving into astrology concepts just using it for inspiration and guidance.  Everything we discuss astrologically will be kept simple.

What are the dates, times and location for the live sessions?

A list of the dates and times for the live sessions will be provided to you quarterly.  But don't worry if you can't join live all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the portal within 24 hours.  All workshops and Q&A sessions will take place on Zoom.

When is content released and how do I access it?

New cycle Energy Report is released approximately three days prior to the cycle start date.  New Moon and Full Moon Guidebooks are also delivered about 3 days prior.  But don't worry you will have a full schedule and emails to notify you when new content drops into your account in the online membership portal.

What is the cancellation policy?

I know you are going to get a lot of of this membership but in the event that you find it is not right for you we have a 7 day money back guarantee (7 days from date of the first content drop for the cycle).   On going memberships may be paused or cancelled any time prior to the next cycle fee processing date if you find the membership is no longer meeting your needs by sending an email to support@heartmindenergy.com

All Inclusive Membership


Per cycle

Workshop Participant Bonuses!

Social Media Visibility Profile
One to One 30 minute Power Session - You choose the topic!
Personalized Calendar of Lunar Houses
2023 Moonsight Digital Calendar
All Access Pass to Resource Center in Membership Portal

Bonuses  available for a limited time

"The excellent mixture of external, astrological information, with my now enhanced knowingness of internal truth, has been incredibly validating and supportive both personally and professionally."

Patricia Marie Hūband

Wholistic Wellness Therapist

Your Guide
Sheri Moise

I'm Sheri Moise - Intuitive Business Alchemist.  I'm passionate about helping Heart Powered entrepreneurs find and stay true to THEIR UNIQUE way of building and growing their business while ensuring they are personally thriving as well.

Early on in my business I let myself be blindly guided by the "experts".  The folks that I believed had the answers and the success that I desired.

But the strategies that they taught not only weren't feeling aligned, they weren't helping me to grow my business.  I was just overwhelmed.

It came to a place where I was going to need to get a "real" job if things didn't shift fast.  

But I wasn't ready to do that.  My vision and mission were too important to me.

So I tapped into the two best guidance systems I know of.  The COSMOS (astrological guidance) and my own inner wisdom (that I had been ignoring).  

Stepping back from the tactics and using the information that I had available to me from the astrology led me down a whole new way of BEing in my business.

What I know now is that promises of just do this and you will have $10K months or 100K followers are tactics and don't work for EVERY ONE that can afford them (and often they don't work at all.

What I KNOW is that there is not just ONE WAY to market yourself and grow there is only YOUR WAY.  But how do you know what your way is?

I created the The Biz Alchemy Lab so that you would have support, knowledge, and guidance to do business your way creating the success you desire... without having to lose yourself or your sanity in the process.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Step into possibility

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