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Here's the process and what is included in this report:

You choose two of your current social media platforms - or two platforms you are interested in getting started on and complete the questionnaire I provide to you.
Receive within 3-5 business days (once your questionnaire has been received) a detailed personalized report for each platform
Includes a written report PLUS a Loom video explanation that will provide you with: 
An overview of how your personal chart interacts with the platforms you are posting on or considering
A detailed analysis of the opportunities for you on that platform (as well as the potential pitfalls)
Guidance for how to leverage the platform with particular types of content and what outcomes you can expect from applying these tactics within your social media posting and planning.
ADD a 1:1 Session for only $222 (normally $333 when available) to receive further support and guidance on your social media and marketing planning 

"Sheri has been brilliant at creating a flow with her guidebooks and reports that leads us into a relevancy of how to leverage the astrology and really use it in the most beneficial way in our business."

Dewi Maile Lim

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1:1 Session

Add a 1:1 Personal Astrology Session to get further support and guidance on your social media and marketing plan.

75 minute session includes recording and transcript.  Normally $333 (when they are available) with your report you can get it for ONLY $222

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Intuitive Moonsight Astrologer
Sales + Marketing Mentor with 25+ years of expertise

Hi there, I'm Sheri

I curate the most important Astrological data for your business.

With an Aries Sun, I know how to take powerful action, while my Libra Moon is skilled at polishing things up. My Taurus rising makes sure there will be a hefty dose of practicality, topped with a 'pleasure first' mantra.

Consider me your Cosmic Guide to unlocking the power of your personalized astrological roadmap and the collective astrological energies that impact your momentum, marketing, and soul clients.

The good news is you can leverage the guidance that astrology has to offer without having to do a ton of research, or even knowing anything about your own chart.

I support my clients by distilling what can be multi-layered and often confusing, into simple, powerful, and actionable roadmaps which have helped my clients plan more efficiently and connect with more soul clients.

Making it almost *dare I say* plug and play.

When I’m not helping my clients with proven strategies, astrological guidance, and intuitive insights, you can find me indulging in delicious chocolate treats (must be dark 70%+), reading historical fiction, cooking up creative meals with my husband, or spending time cuddling and connecting with those I love.

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