Using the Power of Astrology Map out your Next 3 Months of Content in Just 90 minutes!

In the Summer AstroBiz Content Planning Workshop you'll discover the 3-part proven framework my clients use to get more YESSES on their offers and eyes on their content. 

Be there!!! June 20th at 11AM PST 

*Every penny of your $27 ticket is being donated to Women for Women International.

This is especially for you if... 

You are Astro Curious and want to ensure the BEST TIMING and FOCUS for your offers & content

So you can connect with more soul clients and amplify your INCOME & IMPACT

Working with my 3 part framework you will create a Content plan that...

Identifies Key Dates 

Ones to lean into and ones to avoid for more ease and better results.

Timing is everything! Choosing the right dates based on the collective energies (and your personal energies) will allow you to connect more easily with those potential soul clients. There are ones you will want to lean into and circle with a big red heart and ones you will want to avoid. We've got another Mercury Rx cycle coming in April - but no need to fear I'll share with you how to leverage what typically is considered a challenging time with tech snafus etc with ease.

Addresses Cycle Themes

That inform and inspire your offers and content.

Working with cycle themes will inform and inspire your offers and content creation.  I will be sharing the exact themes that will be in play for the next 90-120 days.  With this information in hand you will know exactly how to frame your content to ensure that it connects!

Aligns with your soul client AND your goals

Walk away with a plan that will impact both your potential soul clients AND your business.

Discover what desires, state of mind, and type of actions your potential soul clients are likely to be experiencing during each cycle so you can create a plan that will get more eyes on your content, YESSES on your offers and support you in hitting your goals.

Past Workshop Participant Takeaways


Winter 23-24 Participant

"My biggest takeaway is getting the big picture overviews of the energies of each cycle and then overlaying it with the energies of the personal planets to get super clear on how to plan for this season. So helpful!"


Winter 23-24 Participant

"My biggest take away: the 30,000’ view of looking at my months/quarter to come and being able to see where I can fit action/products/offers/my efforts PLUS I know of "themes" and flavors to lean into during particular times - so inspiring and supportive!"

Your Cosmic Guide

I curate the most important Astrological data for your business so you don't have to.

Hi I'm Sheri!

Chocolate Lover, Wanderlust, Historical Fiction Reader, Moonsight Astrologer, and Intuitive Business Alchemist.

I help entrepreneurs leverage the data and guidance that astrology has to offer to amplify their marketing and planning results - think more income, more impact, and more soul clients!

The good news is that you don’t have to do a ton of research or even know anything about astrology to leverage the guidance that astrology has to offer.

I support my clients by curating the data so they don’t have to!

Making it almost plug and play.

Get Inspired and Get planning!

Workshop includes BONUS Guidebooks and Worksheets to simplify your planning.

Only $27* 

*And EVERY PENNY is being donated to Women for Women International.  Do something good for your business and a woman in a war torn country at the same time.

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Save your seat now!

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