Calling all astro-Curious Entrepreneurs Who Have No Desire to Be Overwhelmed Or Overworked


AstroBiz Planning Workshop

Your 1-Stop Personalized Cosmos Guided Roadmap For A Year Of Balance, Abundance, & Growth

When your business goals are aligned with your personal astrology you navigate your business...

 To the GROWTH, RELIABILITY and INCOME you crave.

Sans the hustle & grind

"This system includes frequent and intentional periods of rest and reflection, which I am determined to honor this year.

I hope that in doing less, I will gain more profit as a byproduct of my increased internal peace and freedom."


Fall 23 AstroBiz Accelerator Planning Cohort Member

This Workshop Is For You If You...

Already planned out 2024 – but history tells you that inevitably every time you plan your year you end up having to change your plan. Or things fall off your radar.
Have a plan but need to figure out how you are actually going to accomplish it.
Avoid planning in general because it just creates overwhelm and a lot of shoulding yourself.
Feel or know that traditional methods of planning don’t work for you.
Know that if you don’t plan differently this year you are on the fast track to the burnout bus.

How you Will Craft a personalized plan that Balances Ambition and Rest in Your Year

astro basics for personalized planning

In simple easy to understand no previous astrology knowledge needed 

Next level growth requires intentional planning – and more than just throwing darts at your calendar to pick times to make it happen. 

Or “Hoping” you will find time in your already full schedule to make it happen, or left to “wishing” there were more hours in the day.  

We will get practical and tactical with the astrology so that you know how to leverage this information as a guide for what to do when.

Cycles for success 

That actually include rest and review time

Your energy fluctuates.  Your motivation isn't consistent.  What feels doable isn't the same month to month.  

By honoring the natural ebbs and flows and considering them when you create your plan you ensure that you aren’t chasing your tail or beating yourself up.  

And those next level business building plans that will help you to reach more clients, make more income and impact actually happen WITHOUT the hustle and grind.

2024 Dates (Plus Bonus AstroBiz Calendar)

That will inform and inspire your plan and offers

We've got three Mercury Rx cycles in 2024 - but no need to fear!

I'll share with you how to leverage what typically is considered a challenging time with tech snafus etc with ease. 

Plus you will walk away with a calendar of key dates that guide you to the best times to Strategize, Plan, & Assess as well as Power Days that give an extra boost to your creative and GSD energy.

Your Cosmic Guide

Hi there, I'm Sheri!

Intuitive Moonsight Astrologer
Sales + Marketing mentor with 25+ years of expertise.

I curate the most important Astrological data for your business.

With an Aries Sun, I know how to take powerful action, while my Libra Moon is skilled at polishing things up. My Taurus rising makes sure there will be a hefty dose of practicality, topped with a 'pleasure first' mantra.

Consider me your Cosmic Guide to unlocking the power

of your personalized astrological roadmap and the collective astrological energies that impact your momentum, marketing, and soul clients.

The good news is you can leverage the guidance that astrology has to offer without having to do a ton of research, or even knowing anything about your own chart.

I support my clients by distilling what can be multi-layered and often confusing, into simple, powerful, and actionable roadmaps which have helped my clients plan more efficiently and connect with more soul clients.

Making it almost *dare I say* plug and play.

When I’m not helping my clients with proven strategies, astrological guidance, and intuitive insights, you can find me indulging in delicious chocolate treats (must be dark 70%+), reading historical fiction, cooking up creative meals with my husband, or spending time cuddling and connecting with those I love.

"Sheri has been brilliant at creating a flow with her AstroBiz guidance that leads us to how these transits can play out for us and how to leverage them and use them in the most beneficial way."

Dewi Maile Lim

AstroBiz Lab Founding Member

Get Inspired and Create Your Doable plan!

Workshop includes BONUS Guidebook and Calendar to support your planning.

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Save your seat now!

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