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Get Your Personal Mars Motivation Cycle Report

Uncover the natural lows and highs of your personal motivation cycle so you can plan for those peaks and valleys and work with the energy instead of against it!

Mars the planet of motivation and will enables us to take action, to forge a new path.  As Jennifer Racioppi says: 

"Without Mars, our desires (Venus) and mindset shifts (Mercury) would prove fruitless."

Mars has a two year cycle full of highs and lows.  When you understand your Mars cycles, you can identify periods when you are likely to have higher levels of energy and motivation, and plan for your business accordingly. 

So you are working in your natural flow instead of forcing, pushing, and ending up exhausted and overwhelmed.

Tuning into the guidance of your own personal Mars cycle you can optimize your work flow, timing of offers, and maximize your day to day, week to week, and season to season rhythms.

Get your personalized Mars Motivation report

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Receive your detailed Mars motivation cycle analysis which includes:

2+ year complete overview of your personal Mars Motivation cycles

Guidebook to the various periods of the Mars cycle so you can identify those periods of higher energy and motivation as well as the ones that will be lower. 

Personalized recording with insights into your Mars cycles.

Email support to answer questions and provide feedback.

BONUS:  One 15 minute Voxer or Messenger chat to get live support and guidance to implement this information into your planning.

With this report, you will receive a detailed analysis of your personal Mars cycles, including information on the transits and aspects that will be affecting your Mars energy throughout the 2+ year period. 

You will also receive guidance on how to leverage these cycles to maximize your productivity and planning.

By understanding your Mars cycles, you can align your business strategies and decision-making with the cosmic energies at play, giving you an edge in helping you achieve your goals with greater ease.

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You should receive your report within 5 business days of me receiving your birth data information.  Once you receive and have had a chance to review you can book your 15 minute Voxer or Messenger session.

Implement the knowledge you have gained into your planning!

With the report in hand you will be able to identify periods when you are likely to have higher levels of energy and motivation, and plan your work schedule accordingly plus so much more!

Meet Sheri Your Cosmic Guide

Sheri is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Astrologer who supports entrepreneurs to leverage the guidance of the cosmos to connect with more soul clients, make more income, and impact.

She believes that when entrepreneurs are tuned into the two most powerful GPS systems there are (your own inner wisdom and the guidance of the planets) her clients take their business to the next level while ensuring they are completely in sync with the collective energies so that they can connect with more soul clients as well as in tune with their own individual cycles to optimize their productivity and their level of happiness in their business. Sheri has raving clients and has proven methodologies to help elevate your business and you.

Her ability to curate and distill what can be multi-layered and often confusing, with all that astrology has to share, into a simple, powerful, and actionable roadmap has supported her clients in planning with more ease and connecting with more soul clients.

When she isn't helping her clients with proven strategies, astrological guidance, and intuitive insights, you can find her cooking up creative meals with her husband or spending time cuddling and connecting with those she loves.

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