For Entrepreneurs ready to get more YESSES on their offers!

No more spinning your wheels trying to figure out what your soul clients desire!!!

You have an amazing offer...

But if the timing or design doesn't align with the current astrological guidance you could feel like you are trying to sell Christmas in July.

This workshop is your KEY TO OFFERS THAT CONNECT!

Empower Your Offers
for Greater Income and Impact

Don't let your offers fall on deaf ears!!!

This astrological influence started July 2023 and will continue through January of 2025

  • The types of offers folks desire CHANGE every 18 months.
  • What motivates them to take action SHIFTS.
  • If you aren't tuned into this energy... the gifts you have to share with your potential soul clients could fall on deaf ears.  

And your work is so needed in the world!

More Clients... Less Work!

I don't do as much work getting clients because it's just so organically flowing.  

When you make the right offer at the right time, it's like yay, the puzzle gets pieced together.

Maria Shibaeva Hykin

Pain Specialist,
Embodiment Coach

In this workshop you will:


What the current astrological energies are its implications for your offers and marketing of them.


Receive guidance on how to align your offers with these energies for maximum impact and income.


Walk away with a plan to leverage this data and boost the success of your offers – think more soul clients – more income!

Your Cosmic Guide

Hi!  I'm Sheri...

I curate the most important Astrological data for your business so you don't have to.

I’m an Intuitive Moonsight Astrologer and a Sales + Marketing mentor with 25+ years of expertise.

With an Aries Sun, I know how to take powerful action, while my Libra Moon is skilled at polishing things up. My Taurus rising makes sure there will be a hefty dose of practicality, topped with a 'pleasure first' mantra.

I’m your Cosmic Guide to unlocking the power of your personalized astrological roadmap and the collective astrological energies that impact your momentum, marketing, and soul clients.

The good news is you can leverage the guidance that astrology has to offer without having to do a ton of research, or even knowing anything about your own chart.

I support my clients by distilling what can be multi-layered and often confusing, into simple, powerful, and actionable roadmaps which have helped my clients plan more efficiently and connect with more soul clients.

Making it almost plug and play.

When I’m not helping my clients with proven strategies, astrological guidance, and intuitive insights, you can find me indulging in delicious chocolate treats (must be dark 70%+), reading historical fiction, cooking up creative meals with my husband, or spending time cuddling and connecting with those I love.

Relevant & Beneficial

Sheri has been brilliant at creating a flow with her AstroBiz guidance that leads us to how these transits can play out for us and how to leverage them and use them in the most beneficial way.

Dewi Maile Lim

New Earth Alchemist & Guide.
Founder, New Earth Luminary

Don't miss out on this POWERFUL workshop!

It's my gift to you!

Ensure that you know the sweet spot
 where your offer RESONATES with the Cosmic Rhythms
AND your Potential Soul Clients

Normally $197

Today it is my GIFT to you today.

This information will support your offer creation
through January of 2025!!!

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