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Your Cosmic Catalyst


The key to your next level of success is written in the stars — inspired by the placement of Uranus at the time of your birth.

  Curated by Sheri Moise, Business Astrologist

What is a Cosmic Catalyst?

The Uranus placement reflects your sense of uniqueness and reveals your own approach to innovation and disruption.

It tells us how you break the mold, shake things up, and challenge the status quo.

What’s more, how it gives insight into how you use your uniqueness to inspire others to take risks, tap into their deep wells of courage, and expand their horizons.

It's your entrepreneurial edge that will support you in taking your business to the next level.

Keep reading to learn more about your Cosmic Catalyst results and find out how to use Astro Strategic Marketing & Planning in your business.

"March to the beat of your own drum.
Your people will thank you for it."

Leveraging your Cosmic Catalyst:

Don't let roadblocks or lack of motivation hold you back any longer!

Your Cosmic Catalyst shows that you have the ability to:

Bring an innovative approach to the way we relate to thinking and gaining knowledge.
Leverage the power of your curious mind to bring value to your clients
Think outside of the box and encourage others to do the same.

Let's dive into each of these pieces and uncover how you can use your gift of Experimentation to create momentum in your business and with clients!

Inventive Ideas

You bring an innovative approach to the way we relate to thinking and gaining knowledge.

And you're ready and willing to share what you have soaked in yourself through questioning and looking up and out!

When you honor your inventive side, ignore the boundaries and rules — you tap into your visionary genius!!!

Then you are primed to uncover new concepts, ideas, and visions that everyone can benefit from.

Curious Mind

As someone wired for experimentation you love to try new things and are usually happy doing so.

There is joy in taking on new adventures and learning more about yourself and others through travel.

You bring that knowledge back to support your soul clients on their journey of discovery as well.

That curious mind can lead to endless questioning and experimenting. 

Which gives you access to a broader perspective.

Just keep an eye out for getting too caught up in the details.

Outside-the-Box Thinking

Don’t shy away from applying the inventive ideas you have to your business.

Your soul clients will gravitate to your outside of the box thinking!

There is joy in taking on new adventures and learning more about yourself and others through travel.

You're here to innovate and in doing so you give others permission to do the same.

Cause the same ol' same ol' just won't do!

For you or your soul clients.

Because you are an
out-of-the-box thinker... 

...not everyone will be ready for your ideas when you are ready to share them. 

 So keep that "not for now" notebook handy so you don't lose any of those amazing ideas whose time will come!

 AstroBiz Guidance 

Your keys to leveraging your "Experimentation" edge

Uniquely You Expression

Your independent, adventurous, and optimistic spirit is here to change society for the better.

But you recognize that you don't have to conform to the way others are, or have, done it.

Honor your truth and don't be afraid to share it with conviction.

Embrace that adventurer in you. The one that desires freedom...
and might even struggle a bit with authority.

More Impact! More Income!

Leaning into Experimentation is what attracts your soul clients to you. They aren't looking for "tried and true". They desire inventive ideas that stretch the boundaries and stretch them too!

The more you lean into your Cosmic Catalyst the more momentum you create in your business!

You aren't the one to accept the "standard" answer. You see what others might not, and your clients are better off because of it.

Embrace your ability to form your own opinions and try new ways.

Remember it's your unique perspective that clients are looking for.

Utilize your ability to experiment and get curious, to find the ways your clients can best learn from what you have to share.

Astro Curious?

(Think more sales, soul aligned clients, & finally uncover your most profitable selling times.)

AstroBiz Guidance

How to use Astrological Principles for Strategic Planning & Launching

Astrology can help you with planning your next marketing campaign to dial in timing and what to focus on so you can have the biggest impact. Business Astrologist Sheri Moise tells you how in this quick video.

What is Astro Strategy?
 Video Highlights
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What is Astro-Strategic Planning?

Astro Strategic Planning refers to the process of developing long-term goals and plans for a business by leveraging astrological insights and principles. Intuitive Business Astrologers use this approach to combine traditional strategic planning methods with the analysis of astrological charts, planetary movements, and cosmic cycles to make informed decisions and forecasts. The aim is to align the business' objectives and actions with favorable astrological periods, energy cycles and to navigate potential challenges by understanding cosmic influences.

Key components of Astro-Strategic Planning include:

>> Astrological Analysis: Examining the organization's astrological chart and current planetary transits to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

>> Goal Setting: Defining long-term objectives that align with both the organization's mission and astrological insights.

>> Action Plan: Developing a detailed plan of action that includes timelines, resources, and responsibilities, while considering astrological timings for optimal outcomes.

>> Monitoring and Adjustment: Regularly reviewing progress and making adjustments based on both performance data and ongoing astrological readings.

>> Risk Management: Identifying potential astrological challenges and planning strategies to mitigate their impact.

Astro Strategic Planning aims to create a harmonious and prosperous future for the organization by integrating cosmic wisdom with strategic business practices.

>>To dive deeper and receive the most important Astrological data for your business, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Each week I'll show how to leverage astrology guidance in your marketing and planning for more ease, predictability, and better timing to reach your next level of success. 

Video Highlights

Don’t overload your marketing plan. Avoid trying to cram everything into the early months; instead, focus on one goal at a time and use astrology to guide the timing. Don’t overload your marketing plan. Avoid trying to cram everything into the early months; instead, focus on one goal at a time and use astrology to guide the timing

—Focus on one goal at a time. Focus on one revenue-generating goal, one visibility goal, one system improvement, and one personal development goal.

–Align your offers with astrological cycles. Timing your launches and promotions with specific astrological periods can significantly increase your chances of success.

–Use astrology to take the guesswork out of timing. Astrology can provide valuable insights into optimal times for launching new products, running promotions, and engaging with your audience.

Astrology for Business

Use my channel & community to ground yourself in the power of astrological data to predictably amplify your revenue.

(Think more sales, soul aligned clients, & finally uncover your most profitable selling times.)

You’ll uncover how to use your inner wisdom and astrology to guide your marketing and planning, ditch the burnout bus, and earn your next level of income + impact.

Leverage guidance from the cosmos and turn it into your ultimate entrepreneurial edge!!!

>> Get started with this episode now.

Your Cosmic Guide

Hi there, I’m Sheri!

I curate the most important Astrological data for your business.

With an Aries Sun, I know how to take powerful action, while my Libra Moon is skilled at polishing things up. My Taurus Rising makes sure there will be a hefty dose of practicality, topped with a 'pleasure first' mantra.

Consider me your Cosmic Guide to unlocking the power of your personalized astrological roadmap and the collective astrological energies that impact your momentum, marketing, & soul clients.

The good news is you can leverage the guidance that astrology has to offer without having to do a ton of research, or even knowing anything about your own chart.

I support my clients by distilling what can be multi-layered and often confusing, into simple, powerful, and actionable roadmaps which have helped my clients plan more efficiently and connect with more soul clients.

When I’m not helping my clients with proven strategies, astrological guidance, and intuitive insights, you can find me indulging in delicious chocolate treats (must be dark 70%+), reading historical fiction, cooking creative meals with my husband, or spending time cuddling and connecting with those I love.

Intuitive Business Astrologer
Sales + Marketing mentor with 25+ years of expertise

In other words 

I help business owners and solorpreneurs


Anticipate potential challenges (Navigate Mercury in Retrograde sans tech challenges)


Identify growth opportunities (no, you don’t have to do New Year, New You with everyone else)


Simplify your marketing + content (no guesswork – know what to say and when to stop the scroll)


Uncover the right seasons for when you work vs. rest (yes, this is personal to you!)


Serve without sacrifice (massively support your clients without burnout)                     


Navigate your business decisions (knowing when to do market research and when to launch your new offer)

Working with Sheri and learning about my astrology
has turned out to be  the first thing that’s actually worked for me! 

Before Sheri, I hated planning with a passion.
Now, I’ve been able to plan ahead and actually feel calm and focused.

Jen Fieldman

Human Design Coach +
Biz Strategy for Women Entrepreneurs

Let's recap your quiz results

your "Experimentation" cosmic Keys:


Embrace your desire to experiment and be adventurous! It's what activates your inspiration & connects with soul clients!


Use your out-of-the-box thinking to create content and offers that will connect with your soul clients.


Align your marketing with the focus, desires, and motivations your clients are experiencing. Plan with the guidance of the cosmos in mind and ensure you're meeting your soul client where they are at!

Your Next Action Steps

Let's integrate more of your Cosmic Catalyst into your business today! 

Use the following worksheet to brainstorm and decide where to start in your marketing, planning and offer creation.

Me: Ready to unlock the growth, predictability, and income you crave?

You: Yes. Please. How?

Me: Let’s do it! I can help you remove the guesswork out of your marketing + planning...

With Astro-Strategic Planning, you'll know exactly when you’re putting offers out into the world and how to frame them for maximum profitability.

(Yes, you want to market a tad differently in Gemini season than Capricorn.)

You’ll also discover your personal rest times, how your personal astrology impacts your business, and so much more.

All you have to do is ...

Sheri has been brilliant at just really getting in there and creating a flow with her guidance that leads us into a relevancy with how the planets and transits can play out for us.

As well as  how to leverage them and really use them in the most beneficial way in our marketing & planning. 

Dewi Maile Lim

Founder & Guide -
New Earth Luminary

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